THE CHALLENGE  Kashi had lost credibility with its base target, Holistic minded consumers, through brand actions that were misaligned with their values and a lack of relevant product innovation. The challenge was to reach consumers during moments of receptivity to highlight the benefits of their new non-GMO and Organic products, specifically the Kashi Organic Chewy Granola & Seed bars. We needed to show that Kashi is delivering culinary-driven, clean food with comparable nutritionals.
THE IDEA We put together a Market Takeover Program in San Francisco, a region full of discerning holistic minded consumers and San Diego – Kashi’s hometown. Our approach was to saturate the markets by activating at prominent local events, flooding retail outlets, and maintaining an active presence in the community to maximize brand awareness in each city and foster deep relationships. This constant, reliable presence breeds a strong feeling of familiarity, trust, and ultimately, brand loyalty.
THE RESULTS Connecting with consumers across the board at retail, community activations and large events the team has spread the word for Kashi’s non-GMO commitment and improved brand sentiment with 300,000+ consumers.

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