model of dow building
model of dow buildings

Creative Strategy

< style="font-size: 35px;">BRINGING EACH OLYMPIC VENUE TO LIFE
THE CHALLENGE In their first year as a Top Sponsor of the Olympic Games, Dow hired OBE to develop customer communication touch points to describe the very dense, dry, and complex list of Dow Solutions in an engaging manner.
THE IDEA We wanted to develop an interactive experience that would “WOW” customers with a very unique exploration of Dow’s service offers –based on an insight that revealed that the most impressive thing about their portfolio was its sheer size. The goal was to hook customers into following up with conversations with internal sales members. The central executional engagement, hosted in the Dow hospitality center, was an interactive environment centered on a model 3D replica of Olympic City. This city, designed to the detail of an architectural model, was displayed next to a Microsoft Surface 2 table in a contained, branded space.
THE RESULTS We entertained potential customers with an engaging staff and a sleek and effective tool at the surface table that was useful in igniting conversations regarding the breadth of Dow products. Additionally, we produced The Dow experience in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games showcasing area that highlighted Solutionism where almost 10,000 attendees experienced a Dow bobsled simulator and participated in a photo op with a real bobsled. The experience was highlighted in Event Marketer magazine as one of the standout activations of the Olympics.

Creative Strategy

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